The following are the arrangements in relation to the removal of the secretary from his post.

1. If the Secretary is appointed for a fixed term, he cannot be relieved before the expiry of that period. Provided that for breach of duty, negligence, dishonesty and breach of contract by the secretary, he can be removed from the post of secretary by the directors before the expiry of the period of appointment. 

 2. A secretary may be removed from office by giving a notice to him in accordance with the terms of the covenant of his appointment. If there is no condition of such notice in the contract of appointment, he may be relieved by giving a suitable notice. If the Secretary makes any secret profit, his services can be terminated without any notice. 

 3. On the dissolution of the company, like all the employees, the post of secretary also ends. Provided that if the Secretary has been appointed for a specified period. and if this period is not completed by the time of winding up of the company, he is entitled to compensation for breach of contract.

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