The word ‘secretary’ is derived from the Latin word ‘secretarius’ which means ‘officer to certify written letters’ or ‘trusted officer’. 

 Meaning of Secretary According to the Oxford dictionary:- “Secretary is a person whose work is to write for others, especially that person for another person, society, corporation or public institution, correspondence, record keeping and many other tasks.” 

According to the Webster dictionary: the word secretary has the following meanings: 

1. a person to whom secrets are entrusted, a trusted officer 

2. a person who acts for an institution or person Appointed to execute orders, letters, etc. and generally to look after the business concerned. 

3. An officer of the state, whose function is to supervise and manage the affairs of a particular department of the government, which is usually related to it. There is also a member of the chief executive. 

4. A person who does the work of writing, and especially does the work of writing according to the instructions of another person. 

Conclusion:- A secretary is one who performs the work of a secretary, by whatever name called So the secretary is called There is such a trusted officer who keeps all the confidential things of the employer secret, corresponds for him, keeps records and performs the tasks assigned by any organization or person.

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